Privacy Policy

 The nature of my job requires I hold data. For your peace of mind (and mine), I specify below exactly what information I hold, what I use it for and where I store it.

Contact data (such as your full name and email address) is used to send you price quotes, translations, invoices and answer any questions you may have. I do NOT use your contact data to send advertising and company news.

Company and personal information (such as name – company or personal, address, VAT number and other statutory or personal data) will be held to issue the invoice for the translation job I have done for you and to make statutory financial reports for British authorities.

Any information contained in the documents I have translated for you will be held on my own private non-networked computer and backed up “in the cloud” in a password-protected secure environment. All work I undertake will be treated as highly confidential and I am bound by the code of professional conduct imposed on me by the Institute of Translating & Interpreting of the UK (

I will keep copies of the translations I have made for a period of six-months (or less if specified by you) for the purpose of assisting me in future translation work. Certified translations will be kept for a period of six years in order to meet statutory requirements.

If you would like for me to delete a translation after the relevant period (or after it has been paid for, whichever is sooner), please send a request for confirmation that I have removed all copies, both paper and electronic, from my systems.

I maintain a system under which I can control the data I hold.