into English and into Brazilian Portuguese. Charged per number of words in the source document so no unpleasant surprises at the end of the job. 

Certified translation

 translations that require certifications such as, academic transcripts, personal documents, etc. for Brazil and the UK


requires a more creative and flexible translation. Used mostly for marketing, advertising and B2B sales. The charge for this service is set in advance with the client. Charged usually by project. 


 of English or Portuguese videos or audio files for corporate training, trade fairs, reports. The cost of transcription is usually based on an hourly rate.  


 of existing material, previously translated by a translator (and not a machine), with recommendations, where required. The charge for this service is usually by the hour. 


Surcharges may be added for complex formats, highly technical text or urgent deadlines.

I am happy to manage a team of translators and recommend colleagues if a project requires multiple languages.